In Club Palmeraie Resorts

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In Club Palmeraie Resorts

מלון Marrakech

In Club Palmeraie Resorts is located in front of the Grand Golf de la Palmeraie and is a 10-minute drive from Marrakech city centre.

The property offers apartments with private terraces. The apartments are air-conditioned and include a fully-equipped kitchen, two private bathrooms and a lounge with satellite TV.

In Club Palmeraie Resort has a 24-hour reception and provides free Wi-Fi access in all apartments and public areas.

Local leisure activities include golf and tennis.


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סקירות של לקוחות

Kistune999 Casablanca 3 /5

I have been going to In Club Palmeraie for 15 years now, it's getting more expensive and more expensive and the service getting worse :-There are holes in the bathrooms.-Some curtains are blocked and there is no way to move them.-No WiFi and cellular coverage is really bad.-The swimming pool contains so much Chlorine that it takes 3 showers to take it off.- A lot of kitchenware is missing and you have to ask the staff to bring you what's missing.

Abeda I Cape Town 4 /5

The In Club Palmeira is a series of complexes with 2 and 3 bedroomed apartments situated in a huge, exclusive, beautiful and secure palm grove with carefully sculpted gardens about 15-20 minute's drive from the Marrakech Medina. There were 11 points of entry, with boom gates, each manned by a security guard. The lush surrounding estate with its massive beautiful pool is really well kept. There are numerous similar individually cordoned off buildings in this expansive estate which also houses various hotels and a golf palace. One major drawback, is that there is no public transport to the medina so it could be quite costly to get around by taxi. We were three couples who had just completed a two week guided tour through Morocco, so the Palmeraie was the perfect place to unwind. The apartment itself was very spacious and comfortable but a bit badly maintained. Door handles on some of the bedroom cupboards were missing. There is one master bedroom with a balcony and a good sized bathroom plus 2 slightly smaller bedrooms and another bathroom. The kitchen was very well equipped. Pots and pans were fresh and there was a very nice set of crockery and cutlery. The toaster had seen better days and was promptly replaced. Daily cleaning was very superficial though and there were a few large cockroaches seeking shelter from the sweltering heatwave. Wifi was almost non existent - it's a dongle that was only available at certain times and only in the small reception area. There is an upmarket well stocked supermarket about 10 min walk away with an ATM, bureau de exchange, bakery and pizzeria nearby. The pool was spectacular but a good 15 minute walk from the complex. It would have been great if there was some internal transport like golf carts to convey visitors around the massive estate. One of the good things about this resort is Abdul Samed the night manager! He is a real gem who went out of his way to make our stay at the resort as pleasant as possible. If RCI were to upgrade their units a little this could be great place to stay!

travellingman1352 Montego Bay 3 /5

Facility is a bit off the beaten track in a gated, guarded, upscale community it is not really a hotel. We stayed for the first week in a large 3 bedroom unit on the ground floor. It was very spacious but not well maintained. Some of the windows and doors could not be locked and we killed dozens of mosquitoes day and night. This unit also had smelly drains which you could smell throughout the flat. In our second week we were moved to a 2 bedroom unit upstairs and this was much more comfy as there few mosquitoes and no smelly drains. Housekeeping came every day and were a very pleasant and happy set of ladies. Each unit has full kitchen and is a self contained suite. A convenience store is on premises but it is poorly stocked. The supermarket is about 15 mins. away by taxi and is well stocked. You would be best off to have a car to stay here. We would stay again.

Morgan United Kingdom יום שני, 19 בספטמבר 2022 8 /10

Lots of space and most of all excellent value. Easy 20 min taxi ride into the central Medina of Marrakech

Hassan Qatar יום שלישי, 9 באוגוסט 2022 8 /10

לקוח זה לא השאיר תגובה.

Damien France יום שישי, 24 ביוני 2022 9 /10

endroit paisible ..

Mohamed Morocco יום שלישי, 7 ביוני 2022 9 /10

לקוח זה לא השאיר תגובה.

Hicham Qatar יום שבת, 25 בדצמבר 2021 8 /10

The staff at the reception and especially Hicham was a great help and very fun person to talk to and to help you with the areas to visit or places to go to for food. Highly recommended

Ali United Arab Emirates יום שני, 13 בדצמבר 2021 9 /10

staff were excellent and place very quite

Amrr Morocco יום שבת, 27 בנובמבר 2021 10 /10

לקוח זה לא השאיר תגובה.

Fatima United Kingdom יום ראשון, 8 באוגוסט 2021 9 /10

לקוח זה לא השאיר תגובה.

Maroua Morocco יום ראשון, 12 בינואר 2020 8 /10

לקוח זה לא השאיר תגובה.

Maaroor United States יום שבת, 28 בדצמבר 2019 9.6 /10

Very nice and clean. Great staff!! Especially Abdou. Available all the time. Even took us to groceries and shopping himself. A lot of space!!

Eddie United States יום שישי, 4 באוקטובר 2019 8.8 /10

The staff was very friendly and served us breakfast in the morning in our room! The staff had the perfect persons and excursions packs for us at a great price! The only thing I would change on my stay would be to arrange my pick up and drop off from the airport through the staff. Great stay!

סביבת מקום האירוח

מה נמצא באזור

  • PalmGolf Marrakech Palmeraie 0.4 ק''מ
  • Palooza Land Park 4.7 ק''מ
  • Marrakech Mining Institute 5 ק''מ
  • מוזיאון איב סן לורן 5.8 ק''מ
  • גני מז'ורל 6 ק''מ
  • Medersa Ben Youssef 6.2 ק''מ
  • המוזיאון האוריינטלי של מרקש 6.3 ק''מ
  • Marrakech Museum 6.3 ק''מ
  • הגן הסודי 6.5 ק''מ
  • מוזיאון בושרוויט 6.5 ק''מ

מסעדות ובתי קפה

  • Fuego latino (מסעדה) 0.3 ק''מ
  • Fuego latino (בר/קפה) 0.3 ק''מ
  • Nikki Beach (בר/קפה) 0.8 ק''מ
  • LE BLOKK RESTAURANT (מסעדה) 1.5 ק''מ

אטרקציות פופולריות

  • מוזיאון המואזין 6.6 ק''מ
  • שוק המדינה 6.8 ק''מ
  • ג'מעה אל פנה 7 ק''מ
  • Place du 16 Novembre 7 ק''מ
  • Cyber Park 7.1 ק''מ
  • Dar Si Said Museum 7.1 ק''מ
  • קוטוביה 7.3 ק''מ
  • ארמון באהיה 7.3 ק''מ
  • תחנת הרכבת מרקש 7.8 ק''מ
  • Menara Gardens 9.5 ק''מ

שדות התעופה הקרובים ביותר

  • נמל התעופה מרקש מנארה 10.9 ק''מ

צרו קשר

In Club Palmeraie Resorts

Circuit De La Palmeraie Jardins De La Palmeraie - Porte N°3-, 40000 Marrakech, Morocco

מספר טלפון :  +212 524437278
+212 5244-37277
קו האורך : -7.96988368
קו הגובה : 31.68652297
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